Five Simple Ways to Create Quality Time with Your Kids

Are you busy? Is your schedule so full it's about to explode?

We live in a busy day. There are so many things to do, so many places to go, people to see. It just gets crazy sometimes. We shouldn't allow our insane schedules create a negative spirit in our home.

So how do we maintain a happy home environment during the busy seasons?


1. Eat Dinner Together

Take the stress out of the evening schedule by setting a regular time for dinner. Make it clear to all family members that dinner is at a certain time every night! This gives everyone a sense of security and takes the guesswork out of the evening.


2. Put the Phone Away
Can you think of one good thing that comes from us being on our phones when our kids are around? I couldn't. It makes them feel like we are too busy to talk, or to care about what's going on with them. Make a rule that dinner is family time. No phones allowed!


3. Play Christian Music
An easy way to create a peaceful, enjoyable environment for your children is to limit negative influences. Instead of the tv or arguing siblings becoming the background noise of the home, turn on some good Christian music. Let the music lift the spirit and sing along to some godly songs together!


4. Family Devotions
My wife and I have figured out that our four boys have very short attention spans. Ten minutes tops! So we started doing our devotions right after dinner, once everyone scatters for the night it is hard to get back together. We read a Scripture, talk about it, sing a song and pray. It's simple, but this time really brings us together.


5. Lighten Up!
This one is for me. Sometimes I come home from a long day of work and I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Guess what? My kids can feel it, too. My wife feels it. We must determine not to allow work, the world, or worries come into our homes. Lighten up! Goof around with the kids. Play. Laugh! Make silly jokes, play a board game. Kids have no business worrying about adult problems and they sense your stress. Make home a happy, fun place that your kids love to be!


Written By

Pastor Parry Dalzell